Here's to the Red Dots

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Happy Red Dot Exploring EncausticI had an interesting conversation with someone last night at the duel Tumbleweed Gallery & Saint-Germain Café & Gallery art show openings about artists and the sale of paintings.

I was very excited as many of my fellow artists were getting red dots which equals sales of their paintings. A person who I had struck up a conversation with asked me why that was so important.

"Why do artists who show in galleries need to sell their work? Don't they all just do it because they love it? Is the main purpose of painting for the art to be sold?"

Some lucky people are able to it just because they love it and the sale at the end of the day is just a cherry on top. But for a lot of working artists in our community that sale represents being able to get by that month.

Here in lies a very interesting thing. Yes, artists do it because they love it, but it is also their job. It is literally " art-work". The sales pay for bills, food and gas. Allows the artist to buy more materials and maybe take risks on some not so commercial work that won't necessarily be for sale but will speak to the artist's soul.

The purpose of a commercial gallery, like the ones listed above and others in our town like Martin Street, Lloyd & 557 Artist Block, is to sell art work. The galleries get a commission and everyone eats.

I really hope that when people go to galleries they keep this thought in mind. This work is not just here to look nice - it is also for sale. By purchasing art you are supporting the artists' "work" and therefore their lives. You are also keeping the money in our community.

So please keep those red dots coming! A huge congratulations to everyone who made a sale last night and an even bigger thank you to the wonderful patrons who made a purchase. Way to go! xoxo

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  • Red dots mean so much to us as artists!

    Paige Mortensen on

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