The "Tell Us What You Think" Contest

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Win $100 store credit by reviewing products on our website!

Please leave product reviews on the product's page in order to count for the contest as it is automated :)

Product reviews are a great way to share information about products and to let others know what your favourites are and how you use them.

The "Tell Us What You Think" Contest


  • Between today and May 12th leave a product review on our website and receive an entry to the contest.
  • Go to the products page and select an item to review.
  • Include your name, email, and product review to qualify.
  • Each product review = 1 entry.
  • For every 10 reviews you get 5 bonus entries. 
  • Open to Canadian residents only.

Contest runs from today to midnight on May 12, 2017. 

All entries will be put into a draw on May 13th and randomly selected. The winner will be announced by May 15th.

The winner will receive $100 in-store or art class credit.

I will also draw 10 bonus names for a chance to win product sample packs and coupons for the online shop!

Thank you for helping get the word out :)

*** Open to Canadian residents only ***

Bethany & the Exploring Encaustic Team

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  • Fingers crossed I win! Thanks for putting on this contest.

    Jill K on
  • One of my favorite go to’s when embellishing my encaustic works is Pan Pastels. They are very easy to work with, there are dozens of colors to choose from and they work so well with the wax. They provide a wonderful means of highlighting textures in your encaustic and they glow with intense colors when buffed. Seems I can’t have enough pan pastels!

    Sandy Phillips on
  • Just have to say how pleased I am with the service and efficiency of your company. I love the wax sets, the selection groups of color help with choosing colors that work together. Would be great to have a supplier closer to me, selection at (Art Emporium) in Winnipeg was not good at all, however as mentioned your service is great. Love the newsletters and excited to see what you are doing as workshops. Really enjoy the video’s and get great idea’s from them.

    Almira Shewchuk on
  • Encaustikos Wax Snaps are handy three segmented flat sticks of colored encaustic wax. They are easily snapped into three flat squares. These square are handy to melt in small containers on the hot pallet (feel free to add up to 1/2 volume in hot medium to these deeply pigmented Wax Snaps to extend their use) or to melt directly on the pallet for blending when painting with a brush.

    The snapped squares are flat with four pointed corners which allows great control when drawing colored wax on a heated pallet or a square aluminum printing plate for encaustic monotypes.

    Adding two different colored snapped segments to melt in a small container allows you to from easily reproducible mixed colors.

    Penny Gunderson on
  • Enkaustikos Wax Medium is a wonderful convenient product containing premixed white bleached beeswax and damar resin in a fine pellet formula. You can pour this mix into a container (I use a disposable aluminum loaf pan) and heat on the hot pallet to 180F. I keep a 2" to 3 " natural bristle hake brush in the wax medium.

    How to prepare a substrate for painting: using a preheated substrate (warm gently with the brush or the torch) paint Wax Medium in long stokes in one direction only until the board is covered and then fuse. Rotating the board a quarter turn I paint the Wax Medium across the previous brush strokes in long strokes in one direction and fuse. I repeat this until I have a base of 4 layers of medium. This should yield a board with a smooth surface of wax medium to paint on.

    When adding wax medium to dilute encaustic colored wax DO NOT place a color coated brush in the Wax Medium loaf pan.You will contaminate the entire container of Wax Medium with that color. Instead use the large clean hake wax medium brush to drizzle clean wax medium into the colored wax container or on the hot pallet to mix with colored wax. If you require a larger amount of melted Wax Medium to be mixed with color wax use a clean metal gravy or soup ladle (dedicated to wax use) to transfer Wax Medium to the colored encaustic wax container.

    Penny Gunderson on

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